The Story of Visi Ltd - We Do It Better

Visi Ltd - We Do It Better
Visi Ltd., established in 1955, initially based its operation largely on
the import of naval electronics and ship and TV-antenna installations. From the seventies, import, sales and service of VHF-phones formed the core of our business. Since the mid-eighties, video surveillance and monitoring has grown to be our main source of revenue. Our services in the field of video surveillance and industrial process monitoring, including furnace cameras, covers every aspect of project management from planning to sales, installation and maintenance.

We are proud of our ability to offer after-sales support as well as initial supply and installation, and our team of highly experienced technical and administrative staff provide a quality professional service to our customers, and we insist on similar levels of performance from all our subcontractors.

It is our goal to expand our services to provide all of your security and communications related needs.

We want to justify your trust - now and in the future.

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